Caffitaly S22 Coffee Capsule Machine White
March 16, 2019
Saeco SE50 Manual Coffee Machine
March 16, 2019

Caffitaly S9001 Coffee Capsule Machine

Ÿ Built entirely in Stainless Steel
Ÿ Two independent height-adjustable dispensing spouts
Ÿ Each spout with 2 pumps
Ÿ Simultaneous operation of dispensing units and hot water and steam
Ÿ 4 buttons for beverage dispensing, 1 for hot water and 1 for steam on each dispensing unit
Ÿ Reprogrammable dispensing buttons
Ÿ Saving of +- 76% Energy cost

Caffitaly S9001 is a perfect solution for people looking for a very high quality of coffee in an office or bar environment. Caffitaly allows several roasters all over the world to put their coffees in to the Caffitaly capsule. S9001 has a professional frothing arm and hot water spout and a 4 ltr water tank.

Caffitaly S9001 Coffee Machine is their modern Espresso Coffee Maker with advanced technology and an innovative capsule system. Incorporates a traditional Frothing Nozzle for heating or frothing milk, so you can choose from a perfect espresso, latté or cappuccino. And with the ability to choose from the plentiful varieties of ground coffee or the convenience of Caffitaly capsules, Caffitaly has given us a machine for the coffee connoisseur


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