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March 16, 2019
Bravilor Bulk Brewer Silver
March 16, 2019
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Bravilor Airpot Brewer (15Ltr)

Ÿ Delicious fresh filter coffee.
Ÿ High quality stainless steel.
Ÿ Brews Coffee Directly into Airpot or Vacuum container.
Ÿ Signals indicate when the coffee is ready and when the machine should be descaled.
Ÿ Machine output 19lt (152 cups) per hour.
Ÿ Brewing times 2.2lt in 7 minutes.


Enables you to Brew Delicious fresh coffee, Quickly and simple in any location and into a Bravilor Bonamat Airpot or Vacuum container, which in turn keeps the Coffee warm and fresh.

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