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Super Automatic Coffee Machines and More

We are major suppliers of coffee makers, coffee machines and general kitchen appliances in South Africa. We offer coffee machine sales, repairs and servicing at our authorised service centres located in White River, Mpumalanga.


We sell commercial and domestic coffee machines. We service and repair SAECO espresso coffee machines, including Saeco, Saeco Domestic, Saeco Commercial. Cost to service and repair domestic machines is available upon request and done quickly and effortlessly. We also sell parts. All Parts Available for Saeco and Caffitaly Coffee Machines - On site repair technician if you require work/repairs done. Contact us or Text or Phone 076 162 4944 or 0137500241

Speak to Tech Support or get Remote assistance for queries or minor issues.

We sell a wide range of commercial machines, suitable for Cafe's, Offices, Restaurants, Public Houses and more.


Our Vending offers complete leasing packages that cater to your needs and allow you to spend that all important capital more effectively.


LaeVeld Koffie provides repair of automatic coffee machines, spare parts and the maintenance of automatic coffee and espresso machines.


Our trained and highly skilled technicians are available on call to do site installations and training.

Contact us or Text or Phone 076 162 4944